What's In My Stick Bag?

I always want to know what’s in other drummers’ stickbags. So I’ve made this video based on the assumption that you’d be interested to know what’s in mine (hopefully I’m right). Today I’m just showing off my favorite drumming utensils/tools of the trade… These items range from sticks to hotrods to brushes to mallets, plus I make sure to cover some of the additional “essentials” I carry in my bag as well. We drummers need to be well-prepared for every playing situation that comes our way. You never know when the venue might be smaller than expected…(rods might suddenly become the most appreciated tool). You never know when someone might call a tune requiring brushes or some other kind of rod-brush type of stick. And you can’t forget mallets! Those are a must if you ever want to play a smooth cymbal roll or a mellow tom groove. We all love gear, and it’s probably safe to say that sticks are the least expensive form of drum gear. Even so, a new pair of mallets or brushes can have a drastic impact on our sound as a drummer. Why NOT open ourselves up to new sound possibilities?! Be prepared with new sounds, and be willing to experiment.

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Here’s a link to my stickbag, btw. It’s called the “P-Bag”:
However…”Humes & Berg” is making a stickbag that is literally identical…AND $10 cheaper. Here’s a link to THAT ONE:

Full length mallet-testing video:

Cajon drumset video from a year ago...

Cajon brush original demo/review:


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