Engie Sings Lady Gaga's "Teleport" - TF2 Animation Music Video

Yeah, so :D Here is another music video animation!
I know it might not be as funny as my previous animation "Heavy's iPhone" but I really enjoyed making this and hope that it can make you smile too :)
-------- Concept ( If you didn't get it )
I randomly got this song stuck in my head and realised it fits Engineer really well. Have you ever got tired of your teammates yapp'n at ya "need a teleporter here" ? Well next time you can sing "Telephone" (oh I mean "Teleport" now) to them XD. But I've got to say as a BLU engie I always make sure I get my teammates up to the battle field ASAP with teleporters, so please, People, love your engies, and Engies , Love your people :3 Build teleporters if you can.


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