Goodbye Old Cold Forgotten Buick

I'm sorry to say that the time has come for something of a legend to move on to that great car lot in the sky. My brothers spent a lot of time (and I spent a little) pulling off the many good remaining parts from this car. Almost nothing was left behind, between all of us we removed: alternator, ignition module, crank sensor, harmonic balancer/crank pulley, various engine sensors, air filter, air box , serpentine belt, blinker relays, and air box tubing, the best of the tires on the car, all of the hubcaps, both headlights, the entire rear license plate/tail lamp assembly, rear corner marker lamps, power antenna assembly, the hood ornament, climate control head, rearview mirror and radio (which may or may not work). There were many other parts pulled as well.

For a free car that was treated very poorly before we got it, this car gave us a lot of good when it didn't owe any of us a thing. I would probably have fixed the bad brake line, but the bad fuel line was just more than I wanted to deal with. Finding out if it would have made 300,000 miles might have been interesting, but with the ominous noises coming from the lower end of the engine and the body rust, I doubt it would have. Plus, the seat repair was starting to come unglued and in a more difficult way to fix.

I wanted to take the old car on one last ride, yet that was not possible as some of the plugs and wires were removed. I was also concerned about the fuel leak causing a fire.

It was a fine car in a lot of ways and like the red Reliant before it, will certainly be missed.

Tags: 1989 Buick Electra GM general motors 3800 V6 engine remove parts goodbye old car and thanks

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