Fairy Princess (Watercolor Speedpaint)

Hey Guys so so so sorry this took so long, I promise the next one won't be up so late!

Hello Everybody, Welcome to yet another video, today we are going to be talking about my fairy princess piece, I am trying out a new voice recorder, because audacity is acting up today, and deciding its a really good idea make cracking and popping sounds while I am recording and I find it quite annoying so we are trying out a new video, like audio recorder today I'd like to remind you guys I can't see the video now, when I'm recording the voice over. Unless I export. So I would have to plan way in advance which kinda sucks but I will do that next time for you guys, but right now I am doing a partial audio and partial music. So this piece was done almost all in watercolors, I did try a little bit of marker. at the end when I wasn't recording because I forgot to click stop preview and start record. So you will notice a jump in the end of the video and the final piece. I have also removed my outro card and my intro I am gonna do like custom intros for every video. But my outro card is just a lot of work. To get all the annotations right and everything and I already spend a ton of time like editing now and really take a lot of care with that and I also like export and also transcribe. So you guys know there are subtitles on my videos now. and it just takes a really long time, so that kinda sucks but I think it will be okay. Thank you guys so much for 16 SUBSCRIBERS, its really amazing um, I really don't have much else to say so, Please like, comment and subscribe and I will see you guys all next time bye!

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