Musical Gaming Review - Overcooked PS4 [Atpunk]

Musical Gaming Reviews is a series that takes the opinion of one gamer and turns it into a stylized song. The second entry in this series is Overcooked.

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Cooking friendly multiplayer
This game was meant to work together
So, don't expect the same if you play alone
A fantastic music category
But the dialogue's another story
It all sounds like it's through a megaphone

The overworld is charming with its colors shining bright
Problems with the frame rate make me lose my appetite
Every new location offers up a challenge exercise
Personally, I could have done without the falling in the fire and the ice

Let's Cook
Let's Cook
Let's Cook all night long

The type of play is very breezy
But perfect scores won't be so easy
Throwing/Catching food, you'll never find
Drop-in, Drop-out co-op invested
Versus mode where skills are tested
No online feature here of any kind

A variety of characters shows diversity
If only there were perks that could unlock abilities
Towards the end, you will be craving for some different recipes
But hopefully, they'll keep expanding on their inventory through DLC

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