Snowflakes from 1H of farming Holiday Tree Lairs

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Farming Holiday Tree Lairs for Snowflakes - How many Snowflakes per hour?

Hey guys today I'm going to be farming Snowflakes with a team. I wanted to craft the new Christmas Dragon and I didn't had enough Snowflakes so I thought "why not test how many Snowflakes one hour of farming brings?".

Additional info regarding these Holiday Tree Lairs taken from the wikia:

"Holiday Tree Lairs are event Dungeons that generates randomly in any Biome during the Snowfest event.

Unlike other Dungeons, dungeon chests occasionally drop the Plethora o' Presents and Bouncing Bauble mounts, and always grant 12 Subzero Snowflakes.

At the base of a holiday tree lair is mostly open space, with a random assortment of biome themed decorative presents. In one of the corners will be a lair objective.

In the center of this space is a large staircase, which leads up to a portal where you'll find an indoor room. This is also surrounded by open space; a boss is usually in the center, though not if multiple spawned in the previous floor. From here, there is no portal, so the player has to climb the side of the tree.

Near the top of the tree is another open space, containing a glass dome where the dungeon boss is.

The randomly assorted presents that are in each biome spesific tree are made by users of TroveCreations as an entry for the Holiday Hullabaloo contest that ran from the month of October to the beginning of November."

They were added in Patch - 12/20/16.


"Subzero Snowflake is a event only resource that can be obtained after completing Christmas Tree Dungeon objectives. Complete any quest from the dungeon and the chest after completion will grant snowflakes dependent on the Uber level the player is in. These can be used to craft Enchanted Snowballs, which is used to weaken the shield of the golem Flamotron Mk II. This item is also used to craft the Floating Snowflake mount.

This item is event only, players can only obtain this item during the event and will disappear from the player's inventory after the event is over."





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