Mandıra Filozofu İstanbul | Full Film

Mustafali is a man liberated from all ambitions, living in Çökertme Cove, keeping to his own life style. But due to the sickness of his father, who had left him and his mother years ago, he had to come to Istanbul.
Mustafali’s philosophy will perplex Istanbul, a city that had been living happily on its own, believing its own truths before Mustafali came along.

Where had did this weird man come from? Nobody had been able to defeat Istanbul before; who was this man to make fun of this giant with its twenty million people?

Mustafali, a man who is against money, accumulation, setting targets, success and living like life won’t end, will be disputing everything we know to be true in this fun story. Since he does not see success as a reward, he does not submit to the threat of failure. He questions life in international companies, plaza offices, secure apartment complexes, university cafeterias and student houses.

He tells us how to stand against the modern world, a world that wants to sell us more things by creating a fear of the future. Mustafali calls out to the young people of the world:

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