((Davis proper ending petition))
Hello everyone long time no see how are you?
First thing first, i started this a week before failsday aired and like you would guess i was so depressed i didn't want to vid never again. but thanks to Annybodys and Jenna (NoReturnProductions) i continued, they made me feel better and LovGyrl for starting the Davis petition and give something to hope for, so this is for you guys.

So about the video O.O major effect here :p if you have watched Silent Hill, you'll know what i kind of was going for, don't know if it actually worked. It 's actually funny, this was supposed to be just one hall with the video at the end but then my little sister told me: "What if you make more halls with rooms" and i was like: "Are you insane?, it took me days to make this little hall, do you know what more halls AND ROOMS are going to do to me! .\/. and then she told me: "Insane is how people are going to be if you pull it off" (okay she told me all that but in Spanish XD) Next thing you know i'm making more halls with rooms, sometimes i was like "okay this looks nice" and then "Dam you Faride (my little sisters name) DAM YOUU!", she even made me a map XD
I actually had more in mind for this vid but it was taking too long and was starting to loose my inspiration and not enjoying it, so i leave it like this. Okay i talk to much XD
Hope you enjoy the vid and that this make more people sign the petition. Bye :)

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