Amature home movie of a trip to Turkey, 1950's -- Film 31549

Amateur home movie. Departure for Turkey. Rope around bollard on quayside in close up. Panning shot up rope to stern of boat, the 'Ankara' of Istanbul. Turkish flag. In Italy a woman walks down a gangplank of ship. Man waves to camera as he walks up gangplank. On ship woman takes sailor's hat and tries it on. She laughs. He smiles and looks excruciatingly embarrassed. Man walks away from camera and takes his jacket off which he lays on coiled rope. He sits down. He shields his eyes with his hand from the sun. He gets up and puts on his jacket. Departure from Naples. Italian officials in fabulous uniforms watch departure. Woman leans over side of ship and smiles. Tug passes by boat. Ships hooter whistling and blowing off steam. Old man asleep in chair on deck with his mouth wide open. Tourist trinket of a bag with 'Napoli' written on side. As woman trips, man moves to assist her. Woman smiles as she looks out of porthole. She waves out of open porthole. Greece. Piraeus. Vendors on quayside with suitcases. View of ships from porthole. Leaving the port. Tracking shot. Couple walk hand in hand on deck. It is windy. They smile as they walk to camera.
Arrival at Istanbul, Turkey. The town seen from the ship with woman and railings in foreground. Approaching quayside. Lots of people waiting for arrival of ship. Some wave. The ship seen from high point in Istanbul, at anchor.
General views of Istanbul. Street vendors, horses and carts. Man carrying basket on his back. Women wearing shawls wrapped round their heads. Men washing ritually in public. Local man changing shoes into sandals. Tourist women feeding pigeons. Boys sitting on baskets. Back on ship. One of the lifeboats is winched aboard. A car is winched aboard in a net. Sheep being directed up gangplank. Back on land. Two men and boy approach traffic policeman in a roadside booth. They impersonate him as he directs traffic by waving their hands about.
Colour - The return journey. The wake of the ship. Couple as they relax against ship's rail. Turkish flag on ship near a port in Greece, South East Europe. Passengers disembarking from an Air France aircraft. Pilot and man climb steps of aeroplane. Man turns and waves at camera. Inside airplane the door is closed. Rome airport, Italy, and sign saying 'Waiting Room'. People queueing to get into aircraft. Filming passengers getting into plane. Panning shot up to tail of airliner. At Orly airport, Paris, France, the wheels of the aircraft, with a chock in front. Pan along wing from behind.

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