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Today we have a video for you and I’ll be sharing how mummy has been helping me retain length.
For our new followers my name is Azelia, I’m 4 years old, I am, swedish, finnish, jamaican and sierra leonean. I have mostly type 3a hair and really naturally dry hair.

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We have a very busy schedule these days, I live part time with my daddy so my mummy braids my hair on her week and daddy is incharge of just moisturizing it whiles I’m at his house. This is the best hairstyle and moisturizing technique for my different textures my daycare activities and nighttime routine.

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We always start off on washed hair.
The products we are using today are:

Water, cantu curling cream for kids as our leave in conditioner, shea butter to seal the moisture and this isn’t shown in the video, but we also added a drop of avocado oil especially to my ends for some extra protein and nourishment.

Mummy starts off by misting my hair with water, parting my hair into two and then she starts parting up my hair in different sections.
You can make your sections as big or small as you like. I really don’t like to sit for too long so mummy makes them this size.
But also making them too big on my hair will cause more frizz.
- [ ] We start off by adding water, leave in, shea butter and oil then mummy combs the section with my wide tooth comb and then my modified denman brush.

Mummy then soaks two rubber bands in oil. This is to avoid friction from the rubberbands on my strands. But they do help minimize frizz in the long run. Then mummy will braid my hair in three strand braids.
The technique mummy uses helps my hair to stay frizz free and keeps my braids in place for up to two weeks.
There will be a tutorial on how mummy braids my 3a hair to minimize frizz.
When there is about 1inch of hair left mummy soaks additionally two more rubber bands in oil and attaches them to the end of the braid.

Braiding my hair in single braids helps me wear different hairstyles so that I stay happy but it also saves mummy time but most importantly this is easier to remoisturize, style and take down.

If we have some event to attend or on The last weekend of my protective styling, mummy will moisturize and take my braids out and I will rock a braid out.

This is how we have been retaining length for the latest 6months. This keeps me, mummy AND daddy happy!

Thanks for watching!
If you want a video on how we take down my braids and also how we wash my hair. Please click the like button and leave a comment!

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