Chlavis - Someone to die for

Some kind of AU-lovestory, where Jimmy survives and Davis dies as a hero (and as Chloes husband ;-))
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So here is the story:
Davis meets Chloe during an accident in Metropolis, where Jimmy is hurt. In hospital Davis sees her again by accident, they met more often because of her visiting Jimmy. Davis then realizes Chloe's with Jimmy. But there is "some sort of connection" ;-) between Davis and Chloe, they fall in love, Jimmy leaves Chloe. Chloe gets to know Davis' secret (Doomsday), but still is there to protect and help him. So he asks for her hand.
On their wedding day, Doomsday gets even stronger and Davis is able to seperate himself from his dark side by using black kryptonite.
But this day isn't going to be the luckiest day of them all. After the ceremony Doomsday appears, attacks first Clark, then Chloe. Davis tries to save her and gets killed. Clark defeats Doomsday, but Chloe is alone by now.
(*sigh* I so hoped it would have ended like this in some way)

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