Poison Joke ft Bob E-Quine

Get it here: https://tapsmusic.bandcamp.com/track/...
Did this collab a while ago, I just had to get around to releasing it.
Hope yall like poison joke ~

you can reach bob at: "[email protected]" ;P

art: http://fav.me/d8h4wbf

::lyrics:: All you ponies in the ville, working hard. You'll never know
We'll be out in the forest, where you'll never go
Zebra culture: we are one with the earth. We are
Taking things easy, fret only for our mirth
Pull a plant from the ground, make sure not to touch
One small smudge and you'll be ridiculed
Much. Raise the tower; See the rising smoke.
Blazing all the forest on fire.

-Smoking on dat poison joke-

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