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Hi People! If you liked the stream and would like to see more content then please drop a like and subscribe so that you can see me other videos that come out in the future! Thanks for watching! See you guys next time!

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1. DO NOT ASK FOR MOD OR INVITE: If you would like to be mod, be active in the chat, get a profile picture, be polite, and just have a good time. The only way to get mod is to NEVER ask. If you would like to play with me, wait until I do a "Playing with subscribers" stream. I usually like to play games by myself or with a select group of people.

2. NO SEXISM OR RACISM: Do not make any sexist or racist slurs, jokes, or comments. It hurts peoples feelings and makes them not feel welcome to the stream/ makes it a hostile environment. This is an immediate timeout or ban.

3. BE POLITE: Make everyone feel welcome. This is a bit more broad than the previous rule. Don't be mean or put anyone down. I understand jokes are funny but make sure they're funny for everyone and not making anyone uncomfortable.

4. DO NOT SPAM: Spamming messages more than once, spamming caps, or any other spamming will get your message deleted or a timeout. Spamming does not increase the chance of me seeing your message as it will usually get deleted before I see it.

5. DO NOT ARGUE WITH THE MODS: If a mod warns or enforces a rule upon you. They have been instructed to do that by the streamer. It gets nowhere to argue so if you have a problem with a mod treating you a certain way, message me on twitter and I will sort out the case. Do not argue with the mod.

►DONATE LIVE ON STREAM! : https://youtube.streamlabs.com/UCbdBx...

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