How to Prepare for Fifa 17 with the Fifa 17 Demo!!

We will go into detail on how to prepare for Fifa 17 with the Fifa 17 demo. Obviously in the Fifa 17 demo you can only play offline games and most people do not play Fifa other than online. There are still some things that this Fifa 17 demo will have that can prepare you for the full game.

In the Fifa 17 demo you can get an head start on what shots will be overpowered and improved and which shots will be nerfed and not so good in the full Fifa 17 game. When you pay online or off the keeper is controlled by the computer AI so you can see how the keeper will be playing in Fifa 17 by playing the demo. Also passing and pace can be judged by playing the demo and can prepare you for Fifa 17. Of course, keep in mind that things could change by the time the full game comes out and there will be patches throughout Fifa 17 that will make it different from the Fifa 17 demo.

Things that you cannot judge based on the Fifa 17 demo are skill moves and defending. Skill moves that work against the computer AI don't necessarily work online and vice-versa. You can also not judge how defending is going to be in Fifa 17 because the computer AI plays completely differently than how a real person would.

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