Wu Tang Collection - Carter Wong - The 8 Masters

Director: Joseph Kuo
Cast: Carter Wong, Lung Jun Erh, Chia Ling, Wong Fei Lung
Carter Wong plays Chu Shiao Chieh, rescued from his house as a child and ferried to the Shaolin Temple, before the Eight Masters,who are bent on revenge, and wanting to kill him. Once safely at the temple, he learns martial arts and is taught the virtues of patience and mercy. After he reaches manhood, Chu must pass final tests in the temple in order to leave and repay the debt to his mother. Once loose in the country, Chu witnesses injustices galore, but relies on the teachings of his master to remain calm and not get involved. After reuniting with his blind mother and cousin Ming Chu (Doris Lung), he is challenged by the Eight Masters again as revenge for his father’s misdeeds. Because Chu keeps denying their challenge, the Masters decide to kidnap his mother, leading to an inevitable tragedy. Freed from his own mental boundaries, Chu sets out to exact his own revenge.

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