Puffy AmiYumi - K2g [English Lyrics] ♫♪

K2g with english lyrics! Enjoy

I've come so far, floating, running through the north to the west,
At last I've arrived but where?
Body is getting unexpectedly lighter,
Hands becoing from far away,
Is this heaven or is it h*ll?
Yes,pretty lady, come on over and
Will you listen to my story?
And prettyland if you laugh again,yeah,
I will go to the land of dream
A shower of cherry blossoms, over
Mountains and fields,
Pushing through,
It turns me on when I'm treated tenderly,
Senseing the far-off day, I make love with,
The first girl,
Getting drunk on sweet perfume,turn to,
Yes pretty lady come on over and,
I know I've been roving but,
Pretty lady, if you laugh again,yeah,
I'll stay, make the dream stay longer
Dearest flowers, butterflies and birds,
Don't tickle me,
Wrapped up and flickering,
Peaches, indigo and yellow roses
And if the pretty lady laughs again,yeah,
Shall we go to the land of dream,
And if the pretty lady laughs again,yeah,
I'll stay, make the dream stay longer


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