Hey awesome people! Since I was asked in a previous vid about how I make flux, I made a video explaining how I built my class (Lunar Lancer) and how I get through dungeons quickly. Keep in mind there are many flux making methods out there, so this may not work for everyone! For future reference, I will also repeat the general steps below in the description! Thanks for watching :)

- Get full radiant gear on a class (Lunar Lancer recommended). Aim for high damage, critical damage, and magic find! Energy regen is also recommended for this class.

- Magic find can be added on your hat and ring only! All remaining magic find comes from dragon ascension bonuses, allies (like cotton candy), as well as patron status (not necessary, but helpful if you feel you can spend the money).

- Look at vials and emblems! I recommend the Surestrike emblem (all attacks become crits) and the Martial emblem (doubles physical damage) to be run with the Death Defying vial.

- Tomes! If you can grind up legendary tomes while you farm, it will add some nice extra income!

- When I actually go into a dungeon, I use my ultimate, then use a vial to trigger my emblems, and then spam my no. 1 ability to deal with enemies quickly.

- Ultimately, you want to get higher level shadow drops as they can be broken down for twice, thrice, quad, and penta-forged souls, which you can then sell! Getting a 4 or 5 star shadow item might be worth upgrading to the next shadow level as you can still profit from that.

- If you get radiant drops, you could break them down as well, but you can likely sell them to other players for some serious flux. They cannot be sold in the marketplace, unfortunately.

- That's it! If you're not used to doing this sort of thing, please feel free to leave a question in the comments and I'll do my best to get back to you! Keep it radiant, friends :)

* My videos are clean and friendly for all ages.
* Add me in-game! IGN: Microwavius
* My club can be found by typing: /joinworld the micromancers

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