ufo's - IMAX - Mission to Mir - analysis - part 2

IMAX - Mission to Mir - analysis - part 2 - best viewed in HD 720p

see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQeQR_... for original clip and preliminary analysis

source : 1544 frames sampled from 720 x 576 @ 25 fps PAL MPEG-2
© (1997) IMAX & Lockheed Martin Corporations
respectfully claiming fair use for non-commercial, non-profit, educational, research purpose only
try and go and see the original IMAX film yourself, buy the dvd or blu-ray disc

70mm IMAX camera taken aboard a NASA Space Shuttle which rendezvouses with the Russian Mir Space Station. This clip was filmed from the Space Shuttle's bay, as it docks with the Mir Space Station.
The camera is locked off and stable, so the only object that should be moving is the Mir Space Station, as it slowly connects with the Space Shuttle

Interesting footage for a number of reasons
-- the camera is fixed in relation to the Space Shuttle, not handheld
-- no focus or zoom changes
-- footage shot on IMAX 70mm format film, not (image intensified) video
-- anomalous objects floating around and changing direction over time
-- two objects do sharp U-turns (top left)
-- one object does an abrupt right angle direction change (bottom right)
-- some objects suddenly appearing and disappearing
-- increasing contrast/brightness reveals more objects than originally visible
-- a good candidate for further research with a higher quality source

analysis method

composite clip ... showing future (blue), current (white) and past (magenta) location of moving objects, original clip recomposited on top,
contrast / exposure is exaggerated to more clearly detail trajectories of moving objects

1st layer (top): original clip, "difference" blend, color re-corrected with hue rotation of 180 degrees
2nd layer : over exposed clip - "lighten" blend
3rd layer : over exposed desaturated composite time lapse clip - colourized magenta (blue and red channels only) - "lighten" blend
4th layer : over exposed last frame of time lapse composite - desaturated - blue channel only

source was compressed video, so some mpeg artifacting present
best viewed at 720pHD for 1:1 / 100% pixel scale -- see actual pixels from source
source interlacing not removed


haven't seen the blu-ray version, but assume it a 16:9 re-mastered edition


see also
HD analysis of the same clip, better detail, but source has been cropped to fit 16:9 format


for other anomalous objects shot from the Space Shuttle

some very white pixels in these video's have been clipped back from white to black, as they exceeded safe video levels,
this artifcating is not uncommon when digital video is converted between formats, ... reducing the levels of unsafe whites to safe white is preferable to clipping those whites to black
keep that in mind when viewing secretnasaman's videos

my understanding is that large flashing objects over the earth's surface, whose positions don't change, are lightning storms

other people's time lapse based analyses


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