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Intro: Long long time ago
I had my our own little show
Was a beautiful, a lovable angel
But he took the spotlight, shining so bright
Left me to fade away
But honey, now the turn is mine

Verse 1: A devil made from heaven, sent from above
Looks like henry’s got a little date,let’s have some fun
We’ve gots lots to do little errand boy
Come to me at cloud nine
To be the perfect angel, some sin must be done

Pre Chorus: You told me what to do and what to say, I couldn’t escape
You got to choose the ending of my fate. You put me astray

Chorus: But not anymore
I’m in control
I have the stage
You can’t turn page
Now all eyes on me

Verse 2: So many experiments so many mistakes
But I’ll go all the way till I’m in the perfect shape
First is worst maybe the thirds the charm!
So close! Oh! I cannot wait
The demon won't taint me now, cause you’re the sacrifice he’ll slay

Prechorus 2: You said I wasn’t good enough to stay, you put me away
You took away my future and my fame, but now that will change

Chorus 2: Focus on me
I’ll be all that they see
I’ll make them sway
No, can’t run away
Now all eyes on me

Bridge: You don’t know what it’s like to drown away, in a puddle of shame
And You
Yes you
made me insane

Chorus: But not anymore
I’m in control
I have the stage
You can’t turn page
so do as you’re told
Encore! Hit the beat boys
All eyes on me
I’ll be all that they see
I’ll make them sway
No, can’t run away
Now all eyes on me
Now all eyes on, All eyes on me

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