Cardistry - Pattern | Nepal 2018 | Flop Club

What did you notice? The title 'Cardistry - Pattern' itself might give you a hint of what we are trying to portray via the art of card flourishing. Click 'SHOW MORE' and READ the description for further information.


A few months back, we planned to shoot a cardistry video just for testing purpose. We had a lot of ideas already stacked up on our to-do-list. However, we wanted to use an idea that wasn't too high end and not too bad for our first cardistry video on this channel. So, a decision was made to work out a new idea instead.

Then, at one point, Abcon (the guy behind the camera & editing) came up with an idea of using the deck's order. Immediately, we thought that's it, that's what we want and it was a perfect topic on so many levels.

Firstly, cardistry is an artform that not only deals with creating motions and structures with playing cards, but also with patterns and intricate design in a subtle manner. Secondly, as human beings, everyone of us observe patterns consciously or sub-consciously in our day to day activities. Lastly, this concept allowed us to add smooth transitions between moves/flourishes which we hope you all can notice once you watch the video carefully.


Shot, directed and edited by Abcon Budhathoki
Performed and choreographed by Alish Bhomi
Motion graphics by Alish Bhomi

Prajjwal Budhathoki for assisting in pre-production.
Kriess Limbu for 'Deck One' playing card.
Surav Shrestha, Akil Bajgain and Arjun Tamang for always inspiring me.
Everyone else for direct and indirect help.

Unison - Reality [NCS Release]
We don't have any ownership of the tracks used in this video. The music was taken from NCS(NoCopyrightSounds).


0:04 Namaste Hoop by Dimitri Arleri & Alish Bhomi(var.)
0:26 Morningstar & Rev cut by Huron Low & Brian Tudor
0:28 (2πr)' + Merry-go-round by Kevin Ho & Alish Bhomi(var.)
0:35 360° Riffle Fan by Dimitri Arleri & Nebulfuchs
0:37 Tabled Card Flick
0:39 Spring triangle by Andrew Avila
0:44 Legopop production by Alish Bhomi (Credits to Nikolaj Pederson)
0:50 Pirouette by Jerry Cestkwoski, D&D Buck
0:54 Cornered deck twist
0:58 Structural dump by Alish Bhomi (Credits to Frank Sung)
1:01 Classic Waterfall
1:05 Rollback by Alish Bhomi (Credits to Dan and Dave Buck, Ladislas Toubart)
1:12 Giant Faro Fan - classic
1:17 Bloom by Zach Mueller
1:25 Rev hotshot + Flicker+ single rev2 (Credits to Huron Low and Brian Tudor)
1:34 Anaconda by Bone Ho ----------------------------------- Baby version :)
1:38 Behind the back - Boomerang catch

Theory11's Deck One Industrial Edition
Tally Ho Circle Back
Aristocrat Casino Edition (borderless)

Canon EOS 750D
Adobe photoshop , A.E and Premiere Pro cc


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